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Our Evios Spam Service filters email using our servers with no server or client installations and nothing to install on your workstations or email servers.  Evios works with all email servers, all email clients and all types of industry standard email.  No training, client software, or maintenance required.  Evios will eliminate over 95% of SPAM and will prevent email viruses from entering your network.  On-line web reporting will show how effective Evios is cleaning your email.

     FREE 30 day trial   $2.50 per account per month. No contracts     
ADS brings high speed wireless Internet to St. Louis Hotels.  With the freedom of wireless connectivity, guests will be able to log on without being confined to their work desk or modem port.   

Offer wireless access for public areas, banquet centers and guest rooms.  Make your entire hotel wireless or just the areas you prefer.  Many configurations available and a FREE wireless penetration survey can be performed to determine the best wireless solution for your location.

Contact ADS to discuss a wireless solution for your hotel.
Laptops Workstations Servers
  A well-balanced selection of quality, performance, features and value.  
  Featuring stable product lifecycles and the best price and performance.  
  Intel-based servers featuring reliability and scalability for growing business.  
   New! Ready-To-Ship Workstations


(monitor not included)

Intel® Workstation
Featuring a
3.0GHz Intel I5 processor
Genuine Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional,  4Gig RAM, 1TB SATA HD, DVD/RW, KB, MS
Starting at $799

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