ADS has been doing IT Support and Data Center Services since 1993

ADS was founded in 1993 and was originally a custom application programming company designing automation software for Airline Reservation Systems and creating custom business software for multiple industries. The automation applications required advanced network connectivity into the Airline systems so in late 1994 the company added network design and support as an offering. With this new offering ADS quickly became a full IT support company taking care of all IT aspects of our clients businesses.

In March of 1995 ADS added other service offerings such as Internet connections and website hosting to our clients. This was the start of ADS becoming a hosting service provider. We quickly out grew our own facility and had to move operations into a Tier 1 data center. Over the next 2+ decades we added several more service offerings to our clients including Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email, co-location of client servers and hosted Terminal Servers for client applications to name just a few.

The ADS data center currently has 60,000+ users per day accessing hosted applications and continues to grow rapidly.

ADS data center services that we currently offer:

  • Microsoft Exchange – Private server and hosted servers
  • IMAP/POP Email hosting
  • SPAM filtering services
  • Website hosting – HTML, WordPress, Joomla and other CMS Appls
  • Application Cloud Hosting
  • Microsoft Terminal Server Hosting
  • Parallels 2x Terminal Server Hosting
  • Cloud virtual servers
  • Cloud backup of clients on premise virtual servers and data
  • CloudFS – cloud based file sharing

Our team of technicians have logged thousands of hours of support and installation of Microsoft Servers, Workstations, Networking, WiFi and applications so no matter what your IT needs are you can rest assured that we have seen it, fixed it or designed a solution for it.

We decided to move all our data and applications to the ADS cloud and every since then we have not had any IT issues with workstations, viruses or connectivity!  Going to the cloud has made our remote office connectivity rock solid and we can work from the office, home or anyplace we chose!

ADS Customer

Our company was having major issues with workstation applications, email and getting viruses. Our servers got the  ransomware virus and encrypted all our data a couple of different times.    We decided to change IT support companies and ADS has fixed all our issues and implemented a solution that prevents the ransomware!

ADS customer